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All shopaholics should agree that talking about Singapore equals talking about shopping. With amazing shopping malls, shopping centers, and attractions; Singapore has been a popular tourism destination. Most people from the other countries who come to Singapore have a specific purpose. There are people who come to get the best medical assistances from the best hospitals and medical forces in the city-state, some people go to Singapore to attend a good school or university there, while some others are those who really love to go shopping. Not only does Singapore provide famous international brands in the city, it also has quality local brands that will attract all the international visitors.

The most popular items which are hunted by the shopaholics coming to Singapore are fashion products. Clothing products, handbags, shoes, accessories, and jewellery are very popular in Singapore. The prices of those brands are particularly lower than the other countries while they are all available in the same quality and larger quantities. Talking about jewellery shopping in Singapore, the local brands are as popular as international companies. Next will be explained some top listed Singaporean brands and international brands jewellery that deserve more of your attention.

The first choice of jewellery in Singapore is the local brands. Since Singapore has a very strong financial force and gravitation for the international visitors, collections by Singaporean companies are always in high quality. The materials selected to manufacture the products are always at their finest quality. The designs of the jewellery range from some different cultures exist in the country. There are some major ethnic groups such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, and the other Eurasians people live in the city-state. Their cultures give big contributions toward the creations of the jewellery design by local manufacturers.

Popular local brands are Kim Guan, Lee Heng, On Cheong, and TianPo. They are quite big companies which are targeted their market to Singapore and Asia. Fine jewellery from gold, platinum, silver, and the other semi-precious metals are their featured products. The brands produce from classical design to modern contemporary design with sophisticated look and gravitating appearances.

Apart from that design, the ethnical Chinese jewellery is also available in Singapore. To get it quickly, Chinatown Singapore should be the first destination to get such product. Thickly built with traditional Chinese cultures, Chinatown becomes a great cultural attraction for both international visitors and localities that are looking for a break from global-international lifestyle.

Little India is the same case. For India is famous with the world of unique jewellery, Little India as a kampong of Indian people will be a great destination to find distinctive Indian jewellery.

The famous international jewellery brands are also easy to find in Singapore. In many big shopping malls and shopping centers in Singapore, there are brands of jewellery, which all people in the world are familiar with, available. Who doesn’t know jewellery by Tiffany & Co., De Beers, Boucheron, Chanel, Anna Maria Cammilli, and Harry Winston? All the brands mentioned have global network of jewellery distribution. The featured products from those brands are usually high quality collections made of selected yellow, white, and rose gold; platinum and exclusive silver.

The gemstones which decorate their collections are rare and expensive variety of diamonds, pearls, ruby, sapphire, onyx, or amber in their best quality. The other popular brands such as Rene Lalique, Moshimooshi, Bulgari, Julinda Chia Morgan, and Piaget also pop in the city. Those are exclusive collections of jewellery with long history of recognition and value. Like a royalty, the customers will get premium service by the staff with none order will be too extravagant. If these brands are your choice of jewellery, big shopping malls are your destinations. Orchard Road, Tanglin Road, and Scotts road are the first lists destinations.

Shopping malls such as ION Orchard, Takayashima, Paragon, Marina Square, Kinghtsbridge Shopping Centers, VivoCity, and the other giant shopping malls may facilitate the luxury products enthusiasts with mono-brand boutique or exclusive multi-brand stores. As Singapore jewellery shopping will never be boring and disappointing, it is very worthy to try. Mind your budget, your taste, and your need; and you are ready to go for jewellery hunting in Singapore!